Easytools.com URL Checker 1.5: A high-speed multi-threaded Validation tool for Hyperlinks verification

Easytools.com URL Checker 1.5

URL Checker" is a high-speed multi-threaded Hyperlinks (URL) Validation tool. The list of URLs can be loaded from a local XML, HTML, Text file or from a webpage. Validates all HTTP, HTTPS (SSL) URLs and connects through all popular HTTP proxies. Save Result Reports in HTML, XML, Text file formats. Multi-Threaded Application ensures it can verify over 1000 links in a minute. Ability to validate or browse to, a single URL. Description for reason of

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UrlRadar 1.0: URL Radar Validator . Verify, validate and sort your url’s list.

UrlRadar 1.0

UrlRadar is a unique SEO software used by professional SEO experts to scan thousands of url’s from a list and sort them according to their platform. UrlRadar includes over 62 validators and more custom ones can be added with just a few clicks. UrlRadar is a multipurpose seo tool and can be used for many different tasks not just for platform validation .Basically, it can be used for every task that requires a source code check or a specific url

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Link Commander Lite Keep all your bookmarks in the same browser-independent collection!

Link Commander Lite

URLs and is able to add a bookmark whenever you need it, from whatever browser you happen to be using at the moment. Link Commander provides advanced capabilities to manage your bookmarks: searching, link validation, automated duplicate elimination, etc. A bookmarks collection can also be protected with a password. You can open bookmarks with any browser installed on your computer. For Link Commander, a Bookmark is not just a URL. When you add a

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Portable Bookmarks A portable bookmark manager that keeps your web links always at hand.

Portable Bookmarks

Portable Bookmarks is designed for users surfing the web at different places. Upload Portable Bookmarks to any removable device and from that moment on you can create a browser-independent web links database on any PC. Multi-language support expands the sphere of the program`s usage, and a carefully arranged set of tools creates auspicious conditions for managing your database. Password protection is included.

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Link Commander Original url organizer. Supports Firefox, Google Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera.

Link Commander

Link Commander is a browser independent bookmark organizer, that allows you to maintain and manage your favorites bookmarks. It comes with a built in browser display, and can also be configured to use Internet Explorer or a different browser to launch your bookmarks. You can maintain multiple collections of bookmarks (e.g personal, business etc.) and organize each with custom categories.

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JustUrls 5.3: A URL browser launching tray icon based application designed to be easy to use.

JustUrls 5.3

Urls is a Web Page or URL `launching` program. The program is designed to get you to your favorite URL`s easily and quickly without any fuss. JustUrls launches your default browser and automatically inserts the URL you have associated with a button you click on. JustUrls assumes you have a Web Browser installed. Recent versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer and FireFox etc. work just fine. JustUrls allows you to add your own buttons to the program

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ApPHP DataValidator free control 1.0.2: ApPHP DataValidator is a simple lightweight data validation tool.

ApPHP DataValidator free control 1.0.2

ApPHP DataValidator is a simple lightweight tool useful for primary general data checks. It handles numbers, strings, emails, URLs. A range of parameters is provided for a wide variety of different verifications. All parameters are used optionally and could be switched on and off for every specific value. The DataValidator component accepts an array or an object as data container.

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URL Duplicate Remover 1.2: Scrapebox Blog List Auto Approve List Manager Software called URL Duplicate Rem

URL Duplicate Remover 1.2

URL Duplicate Remover is developed and maintained by ScrapeBrokers and comes as a tool to help you managing large url lists. The need for a software like this came to us when we had to deal with large ScrapeBox url blog lists. Remove Duplicate Urls When you scrape blog urls use this option to make sure your list is unique and do not contain any duplicate urls. You can use it also with different strings not only URLs to make sure you have unique lines

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URL Getter 1.3: Url Getter is a tool which get the streaming audio and video URLs.

URL Getter 1.3

Url Getter is a tool which get the streaming audio and video Urls, Many stream`s Urls are hidden behind JavaScript or ActiveX scripts, so it is very difficult to get video and audio stream from social media websites. URL Getter provides a one-stop easy solution to getting the URLs for all streams(windows media, real media, quicktime, adobe flash stream, mp3 stream, and other). URL Getter use WinPCap to capture and transmit network packets bypassing

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URL Snooper 2.29.01: identifies urls of hidden audio/video media files so that they can be recorded.

URL Snooper 2.29.01

Many links to streaming audio and video that you come across on the web are hidden behind javascript or activex scripts. Because of this, it is sometimes very difficult to figure out the actual urls that correspond to the streams being played. URL Snooper provides a one-stop easy solution to finding the URLs for all streams. It does this by watching network traffic and identifying potential urls, especially streaming media urls.

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